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All of our waxing treatments use an all-natural beeswax, an antimicrobial liquid that melts at skin temperature, and because of that quality, the hair removal process is much more comfortable than with ordinary wax. Natural beeswax rich in mineral salts, helps to protect the skin during the hair removal process. The nourishing vegetable oils, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide give our wax it’s creamy texture which has a soothing effect on the skin, as it conditions and heals. Hard Wax now available.
ServicesCost ServicesCost
Eyebrows$15.00 Entire legs with Brazillian $90.00
Upper Lip and Chin$15.00 Feet and Toes $6.00
Upper Lip or Lower Lip $10.00 Entire Back, chest/shoulders$100.00
Chin $6.00 Buttocks Female $20.00
Entire Face $50.00 Buttocks Male $25.00
Jaw Line or Sideburns $10.00 Lower Back Female$15.00
Nape of Neck $15.00 Lower Back Male $25.00
Bikini Line $28.00 Lower Back and Buttocks $45.00
Brazillian $55.00 Back or Chest$40.00
Partial Brazillian $40.00 Shoulders$20.00
Knee and Lower Leg $30.00 Entire Arms$36.00
Knee and Lower/Upper Leg w/ Brazillian $75.00 Hands and Fingers$6.00
Knee and Lower/Upper Leg w/ Bikini Line $55.00 Underarms$16.00
Entire Legs $60.00 Stomach$18.00
Entire legs with Bikini Line$75.00 Stomach (Happy Trail)$6.00
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