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One of the unique features of The Floating Lotus Spa is the level of detoxification that we can offer our clients. Our Biocleanse treatment is designed to draw toxins and build up out of the body while increasing energy flow. This allows the body to better handle the environmental stresses that it comes in contact with on a daily basis. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a higher state of well being; which can start with the cleansing of the body.

Biocleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Enhance your energy and health with this warm foot bath that results in the purging of toxins and nucleic waste generated in the cells. The ions absorb into the body through the 4000 pores on the bottom of the feet, attach to toxins and then are released into the water.

Biocleanse Detox Treatment with Cupping

Rubber cupping encourages lymphatic detoxification and has proven to quickly alleviate muscle tension, cellulite and pain while reducing inflammation and water retention. Combine cupping with the Bio Cleanse ionic Detox Foot Bath.

Infrared Sauna

In 30 minutes the benefits from the sauna include muscle relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, improved cellular health, better circulation, anti-aging, skin purification and weight loss.

$20 (with a towel)
$25 (with a spa towel)
3 Session Punch Card $45 (bring a towel)
5 Session Punch Card $75 (bring a towel)
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