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Saturday, 15 August 2020 14:35

What to Expect as a Spa Client

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So you’ve decided to come in for a service, wonderful! You may be wondering what to expect from a spa. We want your experience to be as smooth and pleasant as possible! Below are some suggestions we’ve created to ease your mind.

rocksWhat to Expect:towels relaxing

  • You will be in a safe, comfortable, and professional environment.
  • You may communicate to your therapist the specific areas you would like treated.
  • Feel free to ask your therapist to adjust pressure/treatment to your liking, so you always remain comfortable.
  • You are permitted to stop a treatment at any time for any reason, however, please let us know the reason.
  • Your disclosed health information will remain confidential.
  • Please ask any questions you may have about your spa experience!

Proper Spa Etiquette:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment,15 minutes prior is optimal.
  • Let the spa know 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment.
  • Gratuity, which is optional, typically ranges from 10% - 20%.
  • Let your therapist know what you are expecting from your service, and inform them if something becomes painful.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Remove any jewelry before your service.
  • Remember to keep cell phones silenced.
  • Relax and enjoy your services!

Thank you for coming in! We hope your experience here at the Floating Lotus Spa exceeds your expectations. If you are less than happy with your services please let a member at the front desk know, so that we can ensure everything is perfect for your next visit. If you have anything you’d like to tell us, please give us a call at 352-378-8125 or email us at!

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